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Mar. 8th 2005 - Many apologies for not updating in the last month, there are a few reasons why I couldn't: 1.) My computer got a virus that redirected the dial-up to the Solomon Islands so I couldn't go online for a couple of weeks. 2.) I've had loads of college work to do recently and I haven't had much time. 3.) I've been doing things which I consider more important than updating the comic. So there you go.

Sorry to keep you on the edge of your seats wondering what happened to Damon. I'm sure you all cared so much! So here's a new addition to the Underworld saga. There's still a couple more comics in this series, mostly gag comics like this one. I really want to develop Hades' character more in future.

Leno, if you're out there, your emails still haven't come through. Try setting up a different address or something. Sorry to use this rant as a sort of message board, but I can't get in contact with my number 1 fan. That's number 1 out of about 4. Am I wrong? Do I have more fans? Then prove it! Email me now!


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